About Us


  • Understand the company and business partner.
  • Create confidence and learning willingness.
  • To care a facilitating environment.
  • Simple concepts to easily transfer in daily work and new processes.
  • Customer oriented thinking and working and develop long term relationship based on Pro-Activity and results.
  • Our commitment is to teach, perform and coach trough all the process with strongly coaching based methodologies.
  • Coaching sessions are based on ICF - Coaching Federation Guidelines.
  • In every action we plan, first goal is safety and well being of each attendee.


We provide you with all key services in learning and development to enhance human power for efficiency, best results and peoples satisfaction.


Businesses are constantly encountering an environment social, economic and technological evolving and stakeholders are increasingly diversified informed and experienced. In this context Habegger.Consulting aims to assist companies in future challenges, promoting the 'market orientation and entrepreneurial spirit. Our consultants have the prerogative to build a partnership with the aim of knowing the customer lunge to offer solutions that meet to its specific needs and so become the pin securely between the customer and its interlocutors. We are driven by the belief that every project must be based on three fundamental principles:
  • knowledge
  • decision
  • action
These principles accompanied by a good resource management and planning lead to success


The philosophy of Habegger.Consulting aligns the concept of coaching in a broader sense by proposing the right professional who accompanies the customer in the exploration of its resources, which can be skills, individual skills of an employee or in a human resources department, the entire company, its values and brand. Establishing a relationship of partnership we listen to the needs of our client and after a clear definition of the objective Habegger.Consulting follows the customer on its way to success and support with professionalism and the ability to choose the right tool required by the specific situation.


Why should you choose our trainers?

  • They are close to job practice
  • They have an experiential approach
  • Their language is easy to understand  and modelled to the target
  • They are flexible and adaptable
  • The participants will be constantly involved through coaching techniques
  • Using metaphors
  • Using exercises designed for optimal completion of training they guarantee intuitive and natural transfer of the subject
  • They are able to Integrate with physical movement exercises which DEPARTURE to a cognitive change
  • You will be provided with an easy to understand and well structured documentation which will be used as a work book later in the course too
  • Post Training Follow-Up, Coaching and accompaniment on the job also available
  • All courses are available in English, French, German or Swiss German, Italian and Spanish


For your company

  • Less fluctuation in your staff.
  • Customer loyalty.
  • More customer traffic.
  • Create new/more active customers in your portfolio.
  • Make customers ambassadors.
  • Better CSS values.
  • Reduce objections and complaints.
  • More effectiveness in fieldwork.
  • Less failures on workflow.
  • Accuracy on Workman shift.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Increase benefit.
  • Stronger entrepreneurship.

For your employees

  • Better and quicker integration in the company.
  • Continuous competencies update increase motivation and self confidence.
  • Willingness to initialise continuous enhancement and change for the better
  • Able to a quick adaptation in different rules and situations (Change Management).

Our team and network

  • We are a result oriented professional team and network.
  • Each team member or partner is experienced in a successful company career before starting as consultant or trainer.
  • Our goal is to develop and maintain your human resources trained and able to deliver best performance in any situation.
  • Teaching, performing, coaching process and methods are based on coaching methodologies.
  • Coaching sessions are based on ICF – International Coach Federation- guidelines.
  • We also are sport coaches and trainers for a professional accompaniment during special trainings and events in your company.
Stefano Habegger

Senior consultant L&D
Speaker & motivator
Certified professional coach & field coach
Training designer & trainer
Core competencies: sales, management, leadership, psychometrics
Belinda Strazzer

Consultant L&D
Speaker & Motivator
Certified NLP Coach
non violent communication (nvc)
Training designer & trainer
Core competencies: NLP, wingwave, new authority, nvc
Herbert Pacton

Expert in Sales and management Role plays
Training actor comedian
Education and training CTA Centro Teatro Attivo Milano - Teatro Arsenale Milano Core competencies: communication, actor coaching
Chantal Gilardini - Linder

ICF – PCC professional coach certified
Training design & trainer
Owner 360 Coach Academy
Core competencies: coaching and management
Dr. Carlo Bisi

Senior Consultant in Career Management and Recruiting
ICF - PCC Professional Coach Certified
Training Design & Trainer
Core competencies: management, sales, organisation, recruiting
Alessandra Bitelli

ICF - ACC Associate Certified Coach
Trainer & Business Coach
Core competencies: coaching, communication and leadership