colors4success©, based on the most used psychometric instruments:

  • Understand and develop success factors inside yourself
  • Achieve excellent communication with others.
  • Learn how adapt and optimize your communication in any life situation:
    • Leading with customers
    • Trustful communication in customer service and after sales
    • Motivate your team
    • Create trustful communication in coaching
    • Building relationship in political and economical environments
    • Create harmonious communication in your family life

  • It is our best way to train, develop and work around individual attitudes and competencies.
  • This collaboration process runs around physically and mental movement, it helps to understand and develop positive aptitude, open minded thinking and cooperative spirit trough a common goal or subject.
  • We can do that in a really sporty or more comfortable way.

Colours4success©, is conceived on how to learn to manage ourself. In-and Outdoor Workshop series based on:

RED - Fire:
  • Goal: Manage fear and focus
  • Benefit: Powerfulness in goals and results

  • Goal: Became a global vision without losing the focused goal
  • Benefit: Ability to make a step back / Think out of the box

GREEN - Earth:
  • Goal: Develop empathy and team spirit
  • Benefit: Build powerful relationship

BLUE - Water:
  • Goal: Learn how to manage details and processes
  • Benefit: Going deeper in details and manage options